Your Guide to a Successful Home Sale

We know that having a handle on your wants, needs and expectations early on ensures we’re always working towards the same goal, together.
Step 1: We’ll start by laying a foundation. We’ll walk through your home together, discuss recommendations and get your insight.
Step 2: We’ll do our homework by doing thorough research to help you determine a listing price. Market knowledge is the only solution to pricing your home properly and is critical to your success as a seller.
Step 3: We will take professional pictures of your home to showcase its highest potential. The first impression of your home will help give you a competitive edge. Your home will be listed on MLS, our website, Instagram and Facebook where we are connected to many people in our community. Social sharing is a powerful tool for boosting your home’s exposure.
Step 4: Enjoy the process, visit some family/friends during showings, dine-out and let us take care of the rest!
Step 5: We will advocate and communicate on your behalf, use skilled negotiation and avoid paperwork headaches until you accept an offer. We are committed to excellence and want to make you feel confident every step of the way.
Step 6: We will be there to help manage the transaction through closing. This may include communication with the buyer’s realtor, booking a final walk through and helping you get your move in order.
Step 7: Celebrate your new beginning!

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